Max Payne 3 Review


So, to give you a little background check on Mr. Max Payne: His wife and daughter were murdered by contract killers, his best friend, boss, mistress and pretty much everyone he knew died during the plot of the first two games. I guess you can say he was kind of forced into being an alcoholic and taking drugs, and that’s what he does in the third sequel. Drinking, drinking, drinking, Max is pretty much the whole game long either drunk or stoned, until he finds out that dodging bullets and shooting dozens of enemies is easier WITHOUT a headache. 

After Max defeated his former friend Vladimir Lem in the conclusion of the second title, he silently suffers while drinking himself to death in a bar, where he gets picked up by his former police academy acquaintance, Raul Passos,  to work as a private security guard in brazil. Initially Max resists, but after he shoots the son of the local mafia boss and is wanted dead by every single criminal existence in the whole city, Sao Paulo doesn’t seem that unattractive to him anymore. 

In brazil, our drunken protagonist and his friend are hired to protect the wealthy Branco family, in which they horribly fail when Fabiana, the wife of one of the family members, is abducted by hostiles during a party. Driven by rage, guilt and sense of duty, Max and Passos try to get Fabiana back, shooting their way through countless drug dealers, local criminals, paramilitaries and even policemen, just to discover a gigantic conspiracy in the end.

The gameplay in Max Payne 3 is very much the same as it was in the other titles, you can fill up your bullettime meter while dealing damage, taking damage or getting shot at while hiding behind cover. As soon as the bar is high enough, you can activate bullettime and kill as many opponents as possible in slow motion, until the bar is empty again.

 If you "die" (and  trust me that will happen A TON),you can use a painkiller to enter a little minigame, in which bullet time automatically activates and you have to shoot the guy that mortally wounded you. If you are able to kill him, you will  recover from your wounds and heal up a little bit.This actually sounds pretty overpowered, but is highly necessary since you are always fighting against huge numbers of enemies, and your enemies can actually one-shot you if  you aren't careful and they hit your head.

I Max Payne's deep, melancholic character. His dark humor and cynical view of things carries almost the whole game for me, combined with great action sequences and phenomenal cut scenes, this game is made for people that love a movie-like staging.
Obviously cutscenes have the flaw of pulling the player out of the action and making him watch what happens without the ability do act himself, but i personally view a game like Max Payne as a Movie, and the fact that you can actually control Max yourself from time to time and shoot hordes of opponents with him is a bonus, it makes this game a film-to-play, exactly what i like the most.
 For me, if I play a singleplayer campaign, I almost entirely care about the story and the characters,   Max’s well written character and the feeling to be inside a blockbuster  always motivates you to keep playing  further and further. So, if you enjoy  story-driven, movie-like first-person shooters, this game is definetely for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for an open world game with lots of sidequests and collectibles, you would waste your time and money by buying this game.


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